Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Tonight’s episode was actually pretty good… I’ve been kinda’ disappointed with the show for the last two seasons. The whole Vaughn and Sydney relationship thing they had going had got really boring and was dragging on too long and Sloan being there and in charge was just a little too ridiculous and unbelievable given his history with everyone but tonight’s was good because it focused more on the mission than the interoffice relationships. I like good characters and drama but I watch Alias more for its James Bond appeal than I do for the soap opera drama… and the show had become more of a soap than an action show… the great thing about the show early on was the secret agent action and highly dynamic storyline but for a while it seeded that the writers fell in love with certain characters and couldn’t get rid of a few of them so they kept writing them back in using implausible circumstances… but since the show has been cancelled I guess it’s a moot point…

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