Friday, December 09, 2005


Hey! It’s that wacky, neurotic guy from “Ally McBeal” … whatever happened to her? (besides Harrison Ford)
Pretty catchy title.. a “3” instead of an “e” cuz’ the programs is about… like... numbers… get it? The 3 is a number but looks like a backwards “E” so they can spell the word “numbers” with an actual number… get it? … Numb3rs? …yeah well, that’s kind of how I feel about this show…. I actually watched the pilot episode of this show almost a year ago but forgot about it and didn’t realize it was still on the air. When I saw the pilot it wasn’t half bad but I thought “can they actually make an ongoing series with the premise that they've set up?”… the reason being that they have to figure some way to use math in every episode to solve the crime – not only that but the math genius isn't even in the police department, he’s a detective's brother so the detective always has to go to his brother for help in solving cases… seems like an interesting idea for a movie but can you keep doing that week after week – well, I guess so since the show is its second season…

Let’s see if they can solve this mystery with a Numb3rs equation … he throws 3 darts into the blue area of the dartboard but when he walks over to retrieve the darts they have moved into the red and yellow rings… hmmmm

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