Thursday, September 27, 2007

HEROES Premiere

Hiro's "hero" turns out to be a fast talking English con man - of course I'm sure Hiro will show him the error of his ways and compel him into becoming a better person and becoming the "hero" he's meant to be - why do I say this? Because it's the cliche thing to do and this show has no real imagination...

Heroes is back - yay (I said, very sarcastically) Whay am I not thrilled like the rest of the world , you ask? Because this show SUCKS! The first season started off good... interesting... and then it all went down hill. I bacames so predictable, sooooo lame. Last season I said the if the season finally ends in a lame fight scene where each "hero" gets to chip in to fight the bad guy just as weak excuse for each to show off their "super-power" that I won't watch the show this season... Well I just watched the this seasons premiere... does that mean that I was wrong in my prediction of the first seasons series finally? NO - it just means I'm a liar! The second half of last season and especially the season finally SUCKED BALLS! But out of the great kindness of my heart I thought I'd give this season another look-see and so far IT SUCKS BALLS!!! OK, so at the end of last season we knew that the Petrelli brothers would survive, we knew that Syler survived... of course EVERYBODY SURVIVED! Couldn't they take some kind of chance in their wirting? No I guess not and not only that but the said "screw any kind of suspence" they're so scared that they may loose a viewer if they don't see their favorite character that not only did they not surprise up by bumping anyone of importance off that they brought basically everyone back in the first episode!!! I can't say enough about how weak the writing in this show is... the series started off with a great premise and characters but then they F'd it all up!

Hmmm... they don't usually stick a sexy-chickie-baby like this into a show unless they plan on expanding the character... love interest for Hiro of the reason for the English samurai to change his selfish ways - the way this show plays I see it only going one of these two ways....

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