Thursday, September 27, 2007


O-MY-GOD! Is it possible to make a show any worse that this? They took the oldest stereotypical TV cop characters and wrapped it around a pretentious and preachy "save New Orleans" premise and then threw in a dash of absolute ridiculousness!

Just a few examples:

  • Cop pulls a gun on his partner because he know his way around town.
  • Ex-cop, after two years of absence, suddenly starts popping up abound every corner saving the day and he is able to do this with only the aid of a police radio.
  • New cop turns out to be an ex con who has a second chance because the prison he was in got flooded and his criminal record got washed away.
  • Cop discovers his new partners criminal past by going through a stack of old wanted posters!
The cops go around drinking on the job, shiiting at everything in sight, and solving the crimes while at the crime scene with their cliche police chief.

NO TO MENTION... that this show makes New Orleans look more dangerous that a lawless gunslinger town from the Old West. Step into New Orleans and you have a 9/10 chance of dieing within 24 hours... if I was from New Orleans I'd be pretty pissed with this show...

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