Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Journeyman S1E2

So far I really like this show, it's Quantum Leap without the body snatching.
Kevin McKidd, who also played Lucius Vorenus in HBO's Rome (a great show except for the fact that all the ancient Romans spoke with a British accent :-) Plays a character who is sucked randomly through time to help people in the past to make decisions or correct wrongs... not an original idea but so far done well.
Moon Bloodgood's character of Dan's ex who had supposedly died 9 years earlier only to find out that she's still alive and somehow traveling through time herself adds some great curiosity dynamics to the show... where has she been? What does she do? What's her connection? etc... Hopefully the writers give you enough information to keep it interesting but also leave enough mystery to keep it interesting...

This weeks episode sucked Dan back to the cabin of an airplane in the 1970's and they didn't hold back on any 70's stereotype! Sexy stewardesses in mini skirts serving cans of Tab in a smoke filled cabin with "Get Down Tonight" by KC & The Sunshine Band blaring while people drank, talked, and walked around like it was a disco. Little kids playing with toy guns while doctors drank scotch and everybody oblivious to the needs of a pregnant woman in labor...

...and speaking of labor - they just had to so the woman's water breaking all over their feet and the floor (and now I'll share that image with you!) ... ahhhhh!

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