Monday, January 19, 2009

24 Day 7 - 12pm-1pm

Rhys Coiro as the creepy Sean on 24And the plot thicken even more... another inter-office romance? Can this guy, Sean, be as creepy as he plays the part? It seems too obvious, too easy - I'm still going with my outside bet that his creepy actions and devious stare is misdirection from the writers and that Garofalo is going to be the bad guy on the inside...

Colm Feore as the president's husband Henry Taylor and Janeane Garofalo and Rhts Coiro as the FBI nerds...the overly nice "yes sir/sorry sir" bodyguard wasn't a surprise. And the whole crazy, paranoid, conspiracy theory imagining, spouse of the president is another 24 plot device that has already been used... and my guess is that something is going to go wrong with the plans to kill the president's husband... Samantha is going to be suspicious of something and screw it up...

Annie Wersching as Agent Renee Walker on 24Mini Jack (Agent Walker) has the most diverse acting job of anyone on the show... going from confident agent, to rebellious agent, to pissed-off agent, to scared agent... she's had to go through the whole range. I like her character but if they really do kill her off that would make for an interesting plot twist... how will Jack get out of that one?

Jack Bauer shooting Renee Walker
...and how many times has 24 used the old "kill somebody to go undercover" plot device? And how many times is the bad guy going to fall for it? Even though they are on a tight time schedule, instead of taking 12 seconds to walk over and make sure she's dead he tells them to go through the time consuming process of burying the body and not checking things out for himself... makes for exciting and suspenseful TV but is just absolutely ridiculous!

Annie Wersching playing Renee walker being buried aliveReminds me of days at the beach playing in the sand!

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