Sunday, January 11, 2009

24 Day 7 - 8am-9am

Tony Almeida is backWe got our villain for this season... Tony is back and this time he's got a score to settle. He's another one of those whisper actors... like Jack, everything he says is in a low raspy whisper voice... I think I'm going to start talking like that and then threaten to stab people in the ear with Bic pens if they don't listen to me.

Janeane Garofalo is on 24Janeane Garofalo... who 'da thunk it? I guess she's our Chloe for the season... nervouse, on edge but with that witty sarcastic personality of hers. I thought she was going to turn to the camera and give us all a wink when she said she's a cheerful person who hates sarcasm...

Senator Reginald Red Forman"Jack, you're a dumbass just like my son Eric!"

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