Sunday, January 11, 2009

24 Day 7 - 9am-10am

Well, the Jack and Tony relationship got intimate in the second episode, so soon in the season. Is Tony not the main villain this season or is Tony not a villain at all? We'd like to think that like Jack, Tony will always do the right thing. Is he deep under cover trying to expose the governments involvement? .. I guess we'll see...

Ahhh yes, a staple sub-plot to any season of 24... the 'ol inter-office relationship. The overly concerned "are you ok" question was popped...

...and now on to the nerds at the FBI office. Ms. Garofalo has been plaing the nervous character while nerd #2 (forget his name) is playing the sterotypical arrogant nerd. Now if these two turn out to be more critical to the plot, then who would be pulling strings from the inside; the obvious jerk or the scared of her own shadow teckie? Seems like the 'ol character personality bait and switch may be a little too cliche for a show like 24 that tries to be on the cutting edge of shock but they do have a heavy track record for using recurring plot devices ... so as an early prediction I'm putting Ms. Garofalo on the "naughty list."

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