Friday, January 16, 2009

What the Frak?!

Well, we said "goodbye" tonight to one of my show favorites in an unexpected way. We'll have to watch for Kandyse in other shows... IMDB
I usually like movies and shows that end on a down note like a Greek tragedy but I've been hoping for a little hope, something a little more upbeat. Of course I don't want what happened with Galactica 1980 where they all show up on earth riding rocket motorcycles and cracking cheezy one-liners. But the direction the show is going I don't see how they can end it in anything but misery.

...and speaking of not knowing the direction something is going... what's up with the KFC "Frak Pak"? They do understand that frak = fuck right? So to translate the above ad "KFC proudly salutes BSG ad its fuckin' awesome fans! FUCK PAK SWEEPSTAKES" ... well, I gotta go now so I can enter the frakkin' sweepstakes...

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