Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Love

Didn't realize the new season of Big Love had started so I just got caught up of the first two episodes tonight...I have to say, that's a pretty impressive TP job they did on Niki's house... as Bill came walking up to her through the toilet paper, it almost looked like the opening credits when they are walking through all the white curtains...

OK, this show is bizarre enough with the compound, the polygamy, the multiple houses and all the kids, etc... but this!?... what kind of neighborhoods have block parties like this?... no place that I've ever lived! Everybody dressed all neat and out in the street having a barbecue in their perfect little neighborhood - it's the most disturbing thing I've ever seen!

Cleaning a bird's ass with a Q-tip... where do the writers come up with some of this stuff?

Funniest part of the episode was when Lois dragged her husband out of the house and as she pulled him out the door he bumped his head on the ground and you could here her laugh...

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