Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Five New LOST Revelations!

LOST writers really advanced the storyline this episode by revealing 5 things we desperately wanted to know:

Sawyer finds a shirt1. It was revealed, to the dismay of women around the world, that yes, Sawyer has found a shirt.

Hurley harts shih-tzus2. Hurley also found a new shirt which revealed to us that he "hearts" his shih-tzu (and I also learned that it's not spelled "shit-zu")

Sayid has brown eyes3. It's been revealed that yes, Sayid does indeed have dark brown eyes (note: we've only been able to confirm the left eye)

Shot with a flaming arrow4. It's been revealed that when stranded on an island, rubbing sticks together is an inefficient and time consuming method for starting a fire - simply shout the word "fire" and it will appear! (the down side it that it may appear in the form of a flaming arrow in the chest...)

Hurley hurls a Hot Pocket5. And lastly, it was revealed tonight that when in danger (and flaming arrows aren't an option) a flaming hot "Hot Pocket" can be an effective weapon... you just may need to work on your accuracy... cleaning greasy pizza sauce off the wall can be a bitch!

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