Monday, January 26, 2009

24 Day 7 - 1pm-2pm

Chloe and Buchanan rescue Agent WalkerChloe and Buchanan to the rescue... they handled that impossible situation nice and neat. How Jack was able to call them undetected, explain the situation and give directions to the construction site was conveniently not explained... and how they were able to get there so quickly and happen to have readily available the medical equipment they would need to bring Agent Walker back to life was also a neat little coincidence.... Hmmmmm

OK, and riddle me this... "stick to her guns" President Allison Taylor is refusing to give in to terrorist demands - I understand the whole idea of giving in just encourages more terrorism but... couldn't they just temporarily "give in" to his demands to appease Colonel Iké Dubaku and then as soon as they find his location and recover the device, move the military back into place? It seems like such an obvious and simple solution that it's bugging me that they haven't even addressed the option and given us a reasonable explanation as to why they don't try it... just seems like such a big plot hole; it's driving me crazy ever time they show the President and advisers arguing...

Carly Pope getting bumped offWell, I was half right in my prediction last week... kind of obvious that something would go wrong with the attempt to kill the President's husband but hey, they did bump off Carly Pope in a rather disturbing way...

Colm Feore the presidents husband getting a strangle hold on the situation

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