Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LOST - S05E03

With the flaming arrows last week and the claymore mines this week... there must be some budget cuts on the set cuz' they're just thinning down the cast of island extras left and right... reminds me of the old Johny Weismuller Tarzan movies of the 30's and 40's... every movie would have the white man jungle expedition and to carry supplies, they'd bring along a dozen or so African natives that they could use to 'bump off' evey time they encounterd danger along the way... attacked by a lion, eaten by an alligator, fall off a cliff, etc... good stuff!

...and speaking of cast, this episode was a little lite on the main cast - Locke was in it and Sawyer had a couple lines but most of the regulars were missing from this episode - giving some extra time to the secondary characters...

 Alan Dale as the Charles Widmore of todayCharles Widmore - Before and After

Daniel and Charlotte find love, a little too lateI love you, I love you too ... Dammit!
Looks like Daniel and Charlotte may have found love a little too late...

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