Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Thought I post this screenshot to give props to all those other un-named survivors.
The writers of this show are milking every moment… it took three episodes to progress about 30 minutes of island time… Shannon was shot three weeks ago but it wasn’t until the end of this episode that Sayid finally picks her up and carries her back to the camp… but, it’s still a really good show and there were some great moments in this week’s episode. Kate taking care of Sawyer – Rose reuniting with her husband … They kind of F’d up the reuniting of Jin and Sun though… David already saw Sun and told her that Jin was back… you’d thing that she would have followed David to get more info and not have just continued with her gardening and then go on to washing her clothes in the ocean (who washes clothes in salt water anyway?). And the final scene with Jack and Ana-Lucia promises to cause a lot of controversy in coming weeks…

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