Monday, November 14, 2005

Prison Break - "And Then There Were 7"

Like I’ve said… I like this show but there are more improbabilities in the plot than me winning the lottery (and I don’t play the lottery)… The DB Cooper storyline – RIDICULES! The FBI and other law enforcement officials have been unable to solve the mystery of DB Cooper for over 30 years but somehow Michael Scofield figured it out in a very short time and as coincidence would have it he is being held in the same prison as his brother… and in order for his elaborate escape plan to work he has to make contact with DB, convince him to escape, hope that he still has all the money he stole (it was only $200,000 and some of it was recovered), and that he will be willing to share this money, and that the money will still be where he hid it after all this time in prison…. Whew! And that’s only a small part of his plan… Now riddle me this… how is it that DB has some of the money with him in prison (money that the serial numbers are know to the authorities and could immediately incriminate him) and that after 34 years the money looks as new as if it just came off the printing press? … and also – If Scofield is so smart… couldn’t he as part of his plan come up with the money before he sent himself into prison?!

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