Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Trading Spouses - and other taboo things...

First time watching this show and hopefully the last… they hooked me with the teaser about a “super model” going to another family with teenage boys… let me start off by saying that she is no super model… she’s a fitness model with an annoying laugh. In addition to being a fitness model she is also a “life coach”… someone who tells people how to live their life – someone so insecure with their own image that they’ve had three breast surgeries isn’t the kind of person that I’d want giving me life advice… a work-out schedule maybe but not how to be a happy and better person…


Fox knows how to double down on their taboo bets – First they got teenage boys singing songs about how hot their “new” mom is and playing around together in bed but why stop at alluding to incest when you also got footage of a hot underage 14 year old girl that you can broadcast… innocent my ass! They know what they were doing!

"Damn girl!"

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