Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday Night Football

I hate it, I despise it… The first time was entertaining and I like the idea of a musical tribute to Sunday’s football highlights but THE SAME DAMN SONG EVERY WEEK!!! IT SUCKS!!! At least use a little bit of imagination and originality… use a different artist and song every week… or al least put McGraw’s wife on the screen!

…and Jimmy Kimmel… I like his show (the two times I’ve seen it) and I thought The Man Show was funny but with his one minute half time skit it’s been a weekly hit or miss and so far this season he’s well under .500

At least the Monday Night Football cameramen and producers have some sense of humor... the showed a close-up of this guy in the crowd with his mane of white hair and then they cut to these ladies in the crowed with their hats...

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