Monday, November 21, 2005

Prison Break - "The Grilled Cheese Episode"

The baddest mo-fo in the prison that’s killed countless people for the mob suddenly develops a conscience when he hears about a kid being killed by someone else… which, of course, causes him to start images of Jesus in the water stains of his prison walls… I see monkeys and men with big chins in the stucco designs of my bathroom ceiling but it’s never driven me crazy… or has it?

And ranking in at about a seven on the Prison Break implausibility meter this week… Michael floods some drainage pipes, sneaks into the pipes and is then able to swim through the drainage, remove the grating, climb into the room, and then drain the water out of the pipes but that isn’t the implausible part for me… for me it’s how does he get back? They don’t show that… they just show him a few minutes later all dried and clothes and sneaking back to the shed that they are rebuilding… ok, I know what you’re going to say… he climbed from the room back down the pipes with the rope… but, that rope was ties to the grate… how did he get the grate back into place if he also had to use it to tie the rope to it? Doesn’t make sense… none of this show makes sense….

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  1. Maybe..... he got down into the grate, held himself up on the side of the grate, tugged the rope until the grate was almost back into place, and then just dropped so it could fall into place. Or maybe you should just stop hating on an awesome show. There's a reason this thread has barely any activity. Also, do some research on lives changed by Christ. I mean really, Noah as a drunk, Moses a murderer, paul/saul was homicidal, Lazzurras was dead...