Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My Name Is Earl - "Joy's Wedding"

Joy: "Whew! This thing is making me sweat like a hoar in church."
Turning to her friend "No offence Patty"
Patti: "Non taken - I don't go to church"

Every character in this show is funny and brilliant so I’m just gonna focus on one character this week … Joy (Jaime Pressly) She plays the white trash chick part like a genius! And she the hottest trailer trash I’ve seen … and I lived in the South for a couple years and saw my share…

Earl Narrating: "We picked out place settings"
Earl: "These plates are pretty. Oh, but look at these they have matching napkins."
Joy: "Oh, 'Party Your Ass Off' - Oh, and look the little horse has a top hat on and that's cute ... let's get these!" (napkins have a donkey with a top hat)
"...Just bust a move..."

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