Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Invasion - Steppin' it up

BAM! – They finally stepped it up a notch! After weeks of this show just dragging and not really showing much progression, they made up for it tonight… A couple of the main characters finally getting some sort of answer, direction and confirmation that something is happening and it’s not just their overactive imagination. And they finally gave us a good look at the “alien” (EBE) and how it attacks and changes people and how it affects those people… just when I was about to give up on this show they come in with a game winning drive… Let’s see if they can keep the up intensity or if now that they revealed a lot of information are they just going to start airing a bunch of “filer” episodes… Ya know those episodes that have nothing to do with moving the plot along. Episodes that stand alone with little mini-stories that tie up neatly at the end of each episode and don’t carry on from week to week. So many TV shows start off with a good story but then the writers seem to run out of ideas and so the only good episodes are the season opener and finale… everything in between are just filler…

LOST Survivor Total

Well this pic is even better than last weeks if you want to get a shot of the rest of the island castaways… I count 35 survivors in this pic plus the baby (not a survivor since it was born there) that makes 36… Ana Lucia, Sawyer and Kate who weren’t at the funeral makes it a total of 39 people left … am I missing anyone? (I’m not including Walter or anyone else who is missing, dead or presumed dead)

Criminal Minds? I think not!

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my career: prepare to die.
Criminal Minds? …The only thing criminal about this show is that it hasn’t been cancelled! The characters are so one dimensional and the “twisting” plot was so cliché and formulaic that it was patronizing. It was like watching paint dry on a clear day…you could see it coming from the very beginning and boring as hell … not a single surprise or interesting twist as the story unfolded. They threw in a couple oddball characters at the very beginning that you immediately dismiss because they’re too obvious and then they throw in the “extremely obvious” suspect (which the local sheriff always falls for) but you already know who the murderer is, you’ve known since the first moment the character was introduced … the one dimensional character they threw in at the beginning who is the complete opposite of what the evidence point to… so cliché that it was aggravating to watch…


They got a tough choice with this show… create a show with good writing, acting and characters… or just have a bimbo star with big boobs and then guest star other hot chicks with big boobs… I’ll watch as long as they keep the hot guest stars coming…

That 70's Show

Get rid of Eric and Kelso… and replace them with a tall, hot, blonde stripper… I LIKE IT!

Monday, November 28, 2005

This week on “Prison (give me a) Break”

That’s it? That’s it until March? They didn’t even end on a cliffhanger. Lincoln sitting in the electric chair – that’s a cliffhanger… Michael and the gang outside the prison walls with no ride – that’s a cliffhanger… The plan not working so they have to head back to their cells to try another time… that ain’t no cliffhanger… This was the season finale and it was the most boring and uneventful episode… Oh, and Abruzzi getting slashed in the neck and sent to the hospital… that’s just so they can bring him back when the show resumes and he’ll have a god excuse to be pissed off…

Now for more of my Prison Break “highly-improbable” list

  • LJ wanted for murder, Veronica missing since her apartment blew up and Nick with a bullet wound – all hanging out at the hospital without any inquiry or suspicion from the police.
  • The crew hanging out in the guard room “working” for how long now?... without any supervision or inspection or questions about how long it’s taking them or no guards hearing any noise as the dig through concrete…
  • Agent #2 deciding to become a good guy but instead of playing it cool before he decides to pack up his family and make a run for it – He decides to just not show up for work while they take their time packing up the entire house and making flight plans… he deserved to be shot just for being such an idiot…
  • Bad guy agent #1 confronting agent#2 about turning on him and knowing that he’s was in the alley meeting the lawyer (how he know what ally to find him is a mystery) he kills agent #2 but doesn’t bother looking for the lawyer who was just crouched behind the car watching the whole thing…
  • Is there anybody really stupid enough to fall for the reverse psychology thing they pulled on the guards… “the place is all wet and gonna get moldy but we don’t want to work here all night unsupervised…”
  • …and how did Michael climb the rope and that was tied to the grate and still manage to lift the grate when he got to the top… I don’t get it…
The only ray of light from watching this episode tonight didn't come from the show but from the commercial for the new season of 24 ... Jack is back baby!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

American Dad

I wonder how many people that watch this week’s episode have ever seen Sunset Boulevard. (The beginning of the show is taken directly from the movie) A Gloria Swanson movie from 1950 doesn't seem like their core audience...
I like the part where he’s shows off his Han Solo in carbonite and refers to it as an “antiquity” … they way Indiana Jones would have referred to it…

Family Guy

Peter, realizing for the first time that he’s fat, starts a group called “the Society for the Acceptance of Fat Men”. They get together in a room, eat, fart and breath heavy…Another season of Family Guy is now out on DVD and I thought I'd share this just so I'd have a reason to post this pic of Brian slapping Lois's ass...

The War At Home

First time watching this show and probably the last. I’ve always liked Michael Rapaport in movies (True Romance, Beautiful Girls, and …. Well, maybe nothing recent) but I didn’t like him in this show… he does too much talking with the hands and stumbling over his words… it his style and works when he’s playing a sidekick in a movie but a half-hour strait of him in a sit com was just more that I could handle… if it wasn’t for hottie daughter, Kaylee DeFer, I would have changed the channel and seeing her in a tight shirt is the only reason why I’d ever watch the show again…


I just cracked up when at this scene because I jusy did the same thing to a pair of jeans about a week ago... and didn't notice the rip until a cool breeze took me by surprise while I ws at the gas station pumping gas...

Friday, November 25, 2005

Ghost Wisperer

I was very disappointed with the writers of the show this week… they didn’t have JLH changing her shirt or wearing any skimpy outfits… why else would anyone watch this show? DO YOUR JOB! WE WANT BOOBIES!!!

This show is bad… the acting, the writing, the special effects and just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse they showed a dance scene at the end. It lasted only about two seconds but it was some of the cheesiest two seconds of television I’ve ever seen… it was worse than the Elaine dance and they weren’t even trying to be funny! ...Friday night televison sucks! When are new episodes for Sci-Fi Friday coming back?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Doing an alligator autopsy
We’ll hopefully the conversation at the end of this weeks episode between Dave and Mariel will jump-start this show… things have been going pretty slowly, we need to start getting some answers and know that at least a couple of the shows characters know what’s going on…
Looks like chicken...


Thought I post this screenshot to give props to all those other un-named survivors.
The writers of this show are milking every moment… it took three episodes to progress about 30 minutes of island time… Shannon was shot three weeks ago but it wasn’t until the end of this episode that Sayid finally picks her up and carries her back to the camp… but, it’s still a really good show and there were some great moments in this week’s episode. Kate taking care of Sawyer – Rose reuniting with her husband … They kind of F’d up the reuniting of Jin and Sun though… David already saw Sun and told her that Jin was back… you’d thing that she would have followed David to get more info and not have just continued with her gardening and then go on to washing her clothes in the ocean (who washes clothes in salt water anyway?). And the final scene with Jack and Ana-Lucia promises to cause a lot of controversy in coming weeks…

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Name Is Earl

“Jasmine, Savannah… I’d like to talk to you ladies about another kind of pole.”
This weeks episode wasn’t as funny as most but it’s still a whole hell-uv-a-lot-better than most shows out there…

The Office

A little bit of racial humor… thinking that the new computer tech is a terrorist… whatever it takes, this show needs something... I have to say that I like the original British version of this show a lot better… the humor in the American version seems a bit forced. The acting isn’t natural, everyone seems like they’re trying to be funny…

Monday, November 21, 2005

Prison Break - "The Grilled Cheese Episode"

The baddest mo-fo in the prison that’s killed countless people for the mob suddenly develops a conscience when he hears about a kid being killed by someone else… which, of course, causes him to start images of Jesus in the water stains of his prison walls… I see monkeys and men with big chins in the stucco designs of my bathroom ceiling but it’s never driven me crazy… or has it?

And ranking in at about a seven on the Prison Break implausibility meter this week… Michael floods some drainage pipes, sneaks into the pipes and is then able to swim through the drainage, remove the grating, climb into the room, and then drain the water out of the pipes but that isn’t the implausible part for me… for me it’s how does he get back? They don’t show that… they just show him a few minutes later all dried and clothes and sneaking back to the shed that they are rebuilding… ok, I know what you’re going to say… he climbed from the room back down the pipes with the rope… but, that rope was ties to the grate… how did he get the grate back into place if he also had to use it to tie the rope to it? Doesn’t make sense… none of this show makes sense….

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Poseidon Adventure (Remake)

"The Man they call Jayne!
Oh, He robbed from the rich
and he gave to the poor.
Stood up to the man
and he gave him what for.
Our love for him now
ain't hard to explain.
The hero of Canton
the man they call Jayne...(the rest)"

Oh wait… wrong show… damn!
Please bring back Firefly ... I don't think I can stand seeing Adam Baldwin in another bad made-for-tv movie!

American Dad

Ahhhh… a little brotherly love… nothing like the taboo to try and get ratings… he grabbed and kissed her but notice that it appears to be her that giving him the tongue... Hmmm

Family Guy

The Sand People chior - "They will be back and in greater numbers."
This show is so funny, every week there are at lest three or four scenes that crack me up…

They say all peoples must go thorough some hard times, well we Jews are getting our out of the way early, from here on out it’s gonna be nothin’ but smooth sailing!
Fenway Park.. Being from the Boston area and a Sox fan, I had to post this.
...another one of those great scenes they do from other movies...


“Super stud is here with his small tool…”

Friday, November 18, 2005

Ghost Whisperer

They could make a 24 hour Jennifer Love Hewitt channel and I don’t think I could ever get bored… I mean with “talent” like that what red-blooded guy wouldn’t watch? The writers for this show have the easiest job … they could write any kind of crap as long as it occasionally involves Jennifer changing her shirt… my only advice - BRIGHTER LIGHTING!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Alias - "Fait Accompli"

Who really cares about the plot of this show when you can turn it into a vicious drinking game? Yes, I’m still harping about the whole earpiece thing they have going… these super spy-agents definitely need to get some new radios because putting your hand to your ear and talking to yourself is going to get somebody killed… it’s not very sneaky.

Smallville - Solitude

Lex may not want advice from a “muffin peddling college drop-out” but I’ll take some … tell me… How does a muffin peddling college drop-out afford a nice apartment and a brand new “Redfire Metallic Ford Fusion”? How long before she wrecks that car and has another brand new car… one… two more episodes

Superman - Summer 2006

We’ll have to see but I’m not holding my breath for this one… As far as superhero movies go, Spiderman (specifically #2) has cornered the market for me and Batman wasn’t too shabby and Sin City neared perfection when representing comic books… I don’t know where Superman plans on making its niche but there’s not much room for error and with that costume they’re already behind in the count…

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Invasion - "The Cradle"

They started to reveal a little more in this episode but things are still moving real slow… the only thing I found interesting was that the psycho, alien, baby abandoning, mother-in-law killing, guest star on this weeks episode was someone I recognized from an Excedrin commercial (Elisabeth Moss) … I guess I’m not the only one who gets a headache from this show…

...she's a busy lady - I also just saw her in this Secret deoderant commercial...24 hours? ... I haven't showered in two weeks!

LOST - "The Other 48 Days"

This week was about the other side of the island… lets just say I would not have wanted to have been in the tail section of Oceanic Flight 815! They have got some problems and anger issues… just look at that picture… someone definitely packed their angry eyes for this trip… And what’s with Michelle Rodriguez? If she’s not shooting somebody she’s pokin’em with a stick…

Anybody for a "human-kabob"?

That 70's Show - Bruce Willis

C’mon not even a little bit awkward? You attend the wedding of a 27 year old guy marrying your 42 year old ex-wife and becoming daddy #2 for your three kids … you then guest star on his TV show? Either Bruce Willis is the kindest, most understanding and compassionate person ever – or – he has some sort of sick sense of humor and is planning the biggest “punk” on Ashton Kutcher that the world has ever seen…

STACKED ...Oh! I get it!

What can I say? Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy grabbing each others boobs… there was only one reason why I watched the show this week (well, actually four reasons) and for me to keep watching the writers are gonna have to up the ante on the stunts and keep the Playmates coming… with the exception of Doc Brown (and the obvious), the rest of this show sucks…

Trading Spouses - and other taboo things...

First time watching this show and hopefully the last… they hooked me with the teaser about a “super model” going to another family with teenage boys… let me start off by saying that she is no super model… she’s a fitness model with an annoying laugh. In addition to being a fitness model she is also a “life coach”… someone who tells people how to live their life – someone so insecure with their own image that they’ve had three breast surgeries isn’t the kind of person that I’d want giving me life advice… a work-out schedule maybe but not how to be a happy and better person…


Fox knows how to double down on their taboo bets – First they got teenage boys singing songs about how hot their “new” mom is and playing around together in bed but why stop at alluding to incest when you also got footage of a hot underage 14 year old girl that you can broadcast… innocent my ass! They know what they were doing!

"Damn girl!"

xBox Commercial in HighDef

I thought this was pretty cool… for the new HD xbox they actually showed the commercial in HD…

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My Name Is Earl - "Joy's Wedding"

Joy: "Whew! This thing is making me sweat like a hoar in church."
Turning to her friend "No offence Patty"
Patti: "Non taken - I don't go to church"

Every character in this show is funny and brilliant so I’m just gonna focus on one character this week … Joy (Jaime Pressly) She plays the white trash chick part like a genius! And she the hottest trailer trash I’ve seen … and I lived in the South for a couple years and saw my share…

Earl Narrating: "We picked out place settings"
Earl: "These plates are pretty. Oh, but look at these they have matching napkins."
Joy: "Oh, 'Party Your Ass Off' - Oh, and look the little horse has a top hat on and that's cute ... let's get these!" (napkins have a donkey with a top hat)
"...Just bust a move..."