Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lie to Me - Pilot Episode

Tim Roth as Dr Lightman in Lie to MeTim Roth... love this guy - Four Rooms is so underrated, he was brilliant in that movie and he'd be brilliant in this if his character wasn't so F'ING ANNOYING! This show has a cool concept and is supposedly inspired by a real life behavioral scientist who, if he's anything like the show character, must have been beaten to death long ago by his co-workers... OK, I GET IT! You can read people's expressions and body language and can tell if they are lying but please give this character a little bit of depth... he doesn't have to be constantly analyzing every person of every second of every day for us to get the point that he's good...THAT'S JUST ANNOYING!

Kelli Williams as the pudding chick...and speaking of annoying - I get it that they're trying to make this Dr. Foster character out to be this confident, witty, and charming character with a streak of sexy youthfulness - and the pudding scene was OK (I like pudding and would eat it for breakfast... yeah, I'm wild like that!) but they crossed the line when they tried it again with the cup and straw bit... Mary-Louise Parker from Weeds OWNS the "super-sexy 'older' hot chick sipping a drink through a straw in a carefree playful manner" bit! So don't even try it because you'll never be more than a second-rate!

Kelli Williams not as sexy with the drinking straw as Mary-Louise ParkerKelli Williams, not as sexy with the drinking straw as Mary-Louise Parker

The sexy Monica RaymundMonica Raymund (above) and Michelle Rodriguez (below)

Michelle Rodriguez as Ana-Lucia on LOSTI'll skip my rant on the "always tells the truth" side-kick guy for another week (didn't he already get his ass 'Terminated' in another show ;-) and move on to the "new on the scene" chick, Monica Raymund, who has got me a bit interested... in her little blue uniform she looked a little bit like Ana Lucia in this weeks episode of Lost (which I watched live and recorded this new Lie show and watched later ).

Which brings me to my final point - they ran the pilot episode of this show up against the season premier of Lost... are you insane! You're competing in a Lost time-slot... literally and figuratively. Are they even attempting to making this show a success? Have they shot more than two episodes? Do they want to fail? ...stay tuned or rather set your DVR cuz' nobody's watching this show in real time...

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  1. Geee... don't you think you are being a bit over critical. People like kelly Williams and so do I. maybe the straw thing isn't her thing but at least she look HOT with it in her mouth... love to see the one who says she's not as sexy with that look, it would be truamatising. Kelli is beautiful and they can do more scenes like that one and the one with pudding, it makes her youthful looking and I think it suits her very well. pay no mind to what people say behind your back Kelli, it simply means that you are two steps ahead...keep doing what you do in lie to me, in the end it's how you will be remembered and stay as confident and beautiful it makes us (your fans) love you even more and that's all that counts. LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND... remember that! love you MWA!