Thursday, January 22, 2009

Smallville... back to la-la-Lana land...

Kristin Kreuk is back with a new attitude and haircut!Lana is back with a new attitude and haircut...
...just as I was getting used to her being gone and really diggin' the Lois-n-Clark tension that was building ... (she actually came back last episode but I'm just getting caught up on this season of Smallville. I lost interest in the first couple episodes and stopped watching. So the other day I had a mini-marathon and got caught up on the season just in time to watch this weeks episode.)

Goodbye Lex LuthorOk, so we know Lex is alive but fill me in... if he's in contact with Tess and running things through her - why is he "missing"?

Man, I need to get me some of those video optical eye implants - talk about a great way to keep up with my Facebook status! I'd just stream a live video feed of my day right to my profile...

Clark and Lana have a little bit of kissey time...and back to the Clark-n-Lana drama....boooooring! It's already been played out so hopefully it won't last long and we can get back to checking out Erica I mean Lois... :-)

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  1. I,m sorry but Erica Durance is gross looking and have absolutely NO class